Thursday, April 14, 2011

Kindle Price To Lose Weight

The beloved Frustration-Free company, I mean Amazon, announced further decrease of Kindle 3 Wi-Fi price. With almost twenty percent fall, readers can afford it since May for $114.
"We're working hard to make sure that anyone who wants a Kindle can afford one," said Jeff Bezos, Founder and CEO. "Kindle with Special Offers is the same #1 bestselling Kindle - and it's only $114. Kindle is the best deal in consumer electronics anywhere in the world."

The absolute truth. Not only price, of course, but also Wi-Fi, 3G, reading the Internet including blogs, wikipedia, google, almost wherever you may navigate, dropping books to it over air and gettting email to the reader.
Living in the devepoping country outside of WTO ring is not a pleasure when you need to order a gadget being sold only in the US, Canada and Western Europe. Delivery cost is not only high, it also complicated. You need buy a Kindle as a gift from the American or ask middlemen like Shipito to re-route it with more or less significant increase of its price. Thus, lowered cost is not what we will ignore.
Thanks, Amazon! I don't know whether will or won't users see you screensavers, with screensaver hack is available, but as I think many agreed to use advertising screensavers if price they bought it lowered.

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