Wednesday, April 13, 2011 has been recently updated've got a pair of interesting features.
If you had never heard about this Chrome extension, activate it now unless you don't need reading blogs (what do you read now?), news, online newpapers and other readable media.

The first feature I enjoy is that since several days ago it sends articles not addressing as from, but using the actual name of the publisher, ot, as an example.

The second and most recent addition is a preview mode, turned on by default. When you press orange square, it generates a preview page displaying how it will be seen on your Kindle. After that you may press Send (it works slightly slower than earlier) and after getting positive response, you are able to press OK or Cancel and go back to the chosen webpage. The Cancel button is always available in case you are not satisfied with text prepared by the extension.
Despite what you see on the preview screen, pictures are not sent by default to a Kindle.

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