Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Instapaper got more newspaper-like

Once upon a time, I think this April, Instapaper had the ability to be keepable. That means, Instapaper as any newspaper from Amazon can be cleaned up automatically after, by default, a week.

As the majority of Kindle users may know, periodicals sent from Amazon disappear after a week. After a week’s time since being received, the old issues are placed to the ‘Periodicals: Back Issues’ folder (or collection). It the user wishes to keep the issue from being deleted, one should select the following menu item:

KeepThisIssueMenuItem Despite selecting this, earlier Instapaper’s issues persisted all the time since they were received and no mark was noticed at the left in the Home screen.

ListOfBackupItems As can be seen, February’s and March’s issues don’t have the mark ‘keep’ at the left of their rows.

In April I used to fill my Kindle with web-pages sent from Klip.me extension. However, the desire to have the content of my Kindle fully automated forced me to check Instapaper and other similar blog and content aggregators from time to time.

As when I wrote about the cool Klip.me changes, I caught the fish also here. Instapaper became even more likely to a newspaper than it was a month ago. So much do I love having all the articles in one place, that the Instapaper publishing system is one of my best loved features I have with Kindle.

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