Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Kindle 3 in dextrous hands

I doubt where this post is technical or not. Let's see.
No longer than yesterday I was asked about where a cover for Kindle 3 can be bought, in short time and on a budget. This is not an easy question for living outside the WTO world, out of its borders Amazon doesn't deliver Kindles, outside Moscow, where the rivalry suppressed prices and provides a choice, and far away of Siberia, the place to where delivering from China is fast and cheap.
Not a matter of yesterday's buddy's problem, there is in Saint-Petersburg the local custom service, even more slowdowning the delivery of goods.

So that there are two possibilities to obtain a cover: to find a local supplier or an individual willing to sell one, or to make it by hands. Make it by hands? Incredible thought! The utter nonsence many have heard. But, despite the chance to lose readers' veracity, I continue publishing craftworks of local people.

The topic on one of the biggest local forums on e-readers represents models for transporting as well as models for reading during a dinner or a bath.

The first model fo today's review is an armored sock:
With one tenth inch wooden protection, it took the time calculated in such a way:
  • 10 minutes for preparation of wooden list including sawing and polishing
  • 3 hours does it took to entice the Kindle owner's wife to join the craftwork
  • 1 hour is spent on calculations and layout projecting
  • 15 minutes was needed to weave the cover using the Silver Reed machine
  • and, finally, 30 minutes for piecing together all the previous results
Is it pretty thing, isn't it?

The same master went even farther and proposed one more thing to use
with Kindle. As many of us obviously read at the eating time, this old CD cover may help in some cases:
At last, applause to the last model of the today's show, the Book in the Book!
I promise to continue informing you about revealed cases of all-around-Kindle craftmanship further.

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