Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Sooner or later, today I decided to start learning English speed reading. I have bought Kump's book and a couple of books to be used as a self-study material. Both of them a general reading, what is highly recommended. The first book is written by a journalist and quite popular, the second is also on a general topic, but it slightly closer to my everyday doings.
Today I started and the speed I've been reading at was 120 WPM (words per minute). Actually, I called the dictionary for one word and not being accustomed to these tests is also a factor. I'd speak that my speed could be 150 WPM, for example. Despite this, what was measured was measured.
Okay, 120 WPM is a result. Fortunately, I managed to be at the very speed, below which students are to be sent to a specialist before taking a course in speed reading.
This is the same speed that I read when I was learning in the 1st class approximately 10 years old. Was it my speed or a normative, I was taken to the 3rd class to demonstrate there how to read. :)

This was the speed youngsters should be reading at aloud. Here is the need to say that when I eventually decided to be proficient in English, I started reading with intentional internal speaking aloud, even though I was aware that this is a brake for reading. I simply had not any interlocutor to practive my English, and I started to read books with internal articulation.

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