Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Kindle for PC 1.8.0: working with collections improvements

As I noticed while've been testing 1.8.0 on two desktops, there has been done some bugfix. Many may remember, that when one created a collection on a device in a locale not the same as at the time the collections have been imported from the device, suffixes applied to collections names like
collection@sp for a collection created when the locale has been set to es-es,
collection@sv is a result of creating collections when the locale was set to sv-se and so on.
Today I changed the locale thrice, every time creating a collections, and after importing, these collections appeared without suffixes. Maybe the reason is that I haven't restarted the device, since the collections I created previously still have the suffix, even to delete and to re-import them.
I'll continue testing the app and describe if possible the logic of creating and import collections.

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