Thursday, May 5, 2011

A free for all Duden is added to Kindle for PC

The latest German e-book readers market expansion not only gave us a topic to discuss prices, but it brought to us the update of Kindle for PC. Which nice features are comprised of this update?
First of all, there is a new dictionary, a Duden one of the level comparable to both well-known Kindle Oxford's. That means, no more no less, that you have one more free but genuine dictionary on your desktop. On every your desktop, wherever your desktop is (proxies are left for the further).
Second, the changes applied to the context menu:
The menu became more structured and you can change the dictionary on the fly. Unfortunately, no more dictionaries allowed, those you bought you may use only on a hardware Kindle.

Third, the German localization (I'm neutral to it especially comparing to a lot of applications having up to tens of locales out-of-the-box).

As seemed, but I can't confirm that remember it right, some more items were added to the main menu.

Regrettably, they didn't help people suffering the corporate proxy: as earlier, it can't go through so you are deprived of most wishing things like having dictionaries or access to your paid content. Regarding 3rd party books, there is no impedement to read them, isn't it strange or not to you?

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