Thursday, May 5, 2011

Prices of Kindles in Russia go down steadily

With or without the influence of the recent Amazon's German market penetration, price of Kindle 3 is going down these days.
Retail prices fell down (despite the official absence of Kindle retail stores, many e-Reader cornershops and apartmentshops persist, especially in Mocsow) and now we see Kindle 3 Wi-Fi for less than six thousand roubles (some $219) and its sibling 3G+Wi-Fi offered for seven thousand six hundred roubles (approx. $277). Although we feel that retailer have a place to make even better appeal, this fact is already exciting.
Peer-to-peer sales (I mean those who ordered two, three or five reading devices by mail and services like shipito, and sell the surplus to lower their own expenses) went even further, not plummeting, but giving a hope of the such a pleasant continuation. I saw offers, though done mostly in Moscow region whereas Saint-Petersburg is additionally barried by custom-to-custom very slow goods movement and wholly less valuable and more indolent officials' and post services, where people asked fun $200 for a Wi-Fi device. Notice, that the German retail price isabout $208 at the Amazon's.
Also, the advertised Wi-Fi Kindles are shown up here: by-post sellers, who are also in abundance on the e-readers forums and one part of them is the US residents and the other are our local sellers, want the same $208 the Amazon's Kindle Store wants for an usual Wi-Fi box in Germany.
Which in size will prices be set when individuals get their first parties of $114th? $180? $165? We are awaiting.

All currency calculations are based on today's's listing.

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