Tuesday, May 10, 2011

The future of LCD readers?

Yesterday's session in the local Ikea's restaurant, where I tried my new light-weight Android netbook for browsing, emailing and reading, showed that I can't understand the advantage of using LCD screens.
As I recently wrote, to read during spending time with family in the Ikea place is almost impossible thing. Technically, the child gladly can play with peers inside the shelves-barriers on the children's spot, but the surrounding noise disperses my attention (I do like drinking coffee or tee in time of reading, though.)
This time, instead of the Kindle, the notebook was taken with us. The first part of the lunch (the eating itself) has taken place under the glass roof and the pleasant sunlight made me irritated regarding the LCD screen (free, but Wi-Fi smoothed my mood:)). The second part of the lunch was in the shade (the child has moved to children's steam and motobyke) and, despite that the free Wi-Fi's gone, I relieved.
All this turned my ming in the way I need investigate how it is possible to read using LCD (TFT or any other) screens. As a starting point, today I approached my Kindle and removed the Amazon's screen protector from it. I used this for months, knowing that the labels on the keys are not worn-resisting and the screen protector is primarily the coffee protector. :)
After that I went to the patio and tested the Kindle under the sun shining. It's readable almost well excluding the positions where the reader's eyes are approximately positioned at a sixty degree angle relatively to the Kindle's surface. This and only this position is not only the worst, this impedes the reading process stop completely. With the exception for this placement, all other angles are almost equally well to read.
For what reason I started this post? Today I have occasionally read that Archos are going to release two tablets of the lowest price. It was about Arnova 8 and Arnove 10. In visiting the company's site, I found two readers, 7o and 7oc. Both of the LCD family, the later supports colors.
How it is possibly to read on such devices? What is good for night reading, can be apropriate for day's? I'll seek the possibility to use some of such things to test. Wife's Android phone is not something that can be readable under the bright light. What's about others? How do Nook and Galaxy the tablet behave under the sunlight?

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