Thursday, May 5, 2011

Not surprising rumors about a new Amazon's tablet

Believe or not, I wasn't shocked by the news saying about Amazon's future Android tablet. Didn't you see this note?
Well, why don't imagine which kind of thing it can be? As DigiTimes reports, "The device is expected to receive support from Taiwan-based electrophoretic display (EPD) maker E Ink Holdings (EIH) for supplying touch panel as well as providing its Fringe Field Switching (FFS) technology. However, EIH declined to comment on the news when asked, saying it does not discuss clients with the media.
EIH has also recently been in contact with a Taiwan-based small- to medium-size panel maker, aiming to obtain capacity to support Quanta, the sources said. Volume production of Amazon's tablet PCs is expected to allow EIH to gain more profit from the patents of its FFS technology."
As seemed, this will again one of e-Ink readers that is a must have for serious reading, touch capabilities will be added too. Like a Sony Reader plus access to Android Market? It's very likely.

If Kindle 4 to support Android apps, there is a promise that people will be able to set up the reading application of their choice, CoolReader or FBReader, for instance. Here many read in Russian and support of fb2 format is vital for them since a Kindle allows them to download fb2 books directly from *** sites. I don't prefer reading in Russian, of course (Does your brain work all the time you are reading in your mother's tongue, doesn't it? Don't you waste your time with merely swallowing and digesting the text instead of adding such activities as acquiring new to you words and phrases, extending grammar rules known to you along with getting the same information?), but out-of-the-box reading application is what I want to have no longer.
There's only one dictionary per language that can be touched from the text (if you set, for example, an English dictionary as the primary and begin reading some text in German, the German dictionary can be accessed. But not two English dicts at the same time). Two or more dictionaries are what I interested in, in most cases. As an example, everybody may take FBReader on an Android. It opens up so many dictionaries in its context menu activated by a touch of the word chosen as you opted in the Settings. No restrictions on languages used are there, online dictionaries are possibly to use if needed.
Second, the need to bake a hand-made dictionary as a mobi file. There are lots of dictionaries in the Internet, many are gratis, of many formats. On the other hand, to buy a Swedish/Norwegian/Holland/other small people's to English dictionary with right word formations recognition is an impossible task. German and Spanish dictionaries are on sale, but not in a great number too.
Second-B, baking the dictionary is not only an arduous task, it's problematic due to Amazon's bugs. People must their best to avoid these bugs (squares and other litter in transcription shown in the context menu is a the first example came to my head), but new versions of Kindle software shipped with new formatting bugs.
Third, the context menu is too narrow (only onf two row making a sense and one appeared every time, useless for translation or reading the definition), people want at least three or four rows to be allowed to see.

Do you see, for what reasons we are awaiting for an Adnroid-supporting device?

One more thing to add to this topic is that Amazon provides magazins in color, will or won't their new reader support colors?

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