Wednesday, May 25, 2011

The Noble competitor to announce the All-New Nook

B&N recently announced the availability of the all-new Nook in June. Which type of a gadget the all-new Nook is?
First of all, the commonly believed total move to color screens are postponed. Nook to get a Pearl screen with traditional 50% plus increase of contrast.
Second, the screen is a touchscreen. Thus, this is almost a hybrid a Kindle and a Sony Reader, touchable as the latter and with network capabilities as the former.
Third, it's of six inches as the most of world's Pearl readers population. Won't be a lack of screens this year?
Fourth, its weight is under eight ounces and it's incredible thin, of unannounced size though.
Fifth and the most fascinating if true, it is intended to work up to two months on one battery charge.
Sixth, its price is equal to a regular Kindle 3 Wi-Fi, implying that for the same price you'll have one more month of uninterruptible work and the touchscreen as a bonus. With two million titles in the store, especially that in opposite to Amazon's there is a number in foreign languages, the rivalry gets tougher.

Which will be the answer of Amazon? An Android tablet? One more Pearl reader? Both of them? It's the question!

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