Friday, April 29, 2011

Blogs, Google Reader, Instapaper and a Kindle - testing started

Technologies are in perpetual change. A couple of months ago I set up Instapaper sending settings, but almost never got newspapers.
Well, I found a time to investigate and discovered that things changed, as usual and as everywhere. My sending e-mail has been changed so that Amazon was unaware of a new sender to a kindle. Read Later booklet has not been set in my Chrome too...

Okay, I'll describe below which settings I've done to Instapaper.
Taken my Google Reader settings for Powershell blogs:
At left can be seen that several chosen blogs generated more than four hundred pieces of content. Not surprisingly that I don't want read such a pile on a desktop, preferring a Kindle for this purpose.

Next, I go to Google Reader Settings -> Send To and check Instapaper box:

After that, at the page I check my settings:
Next, at the Amazon's Manage Your Kindle page I add Instapaper's domain:
After all above actions, I expect receiving blogs to my Kindle.

Alternatively, Instapaper offers Read Later bookmarklet, allowing you to send blog items one by one from the Google Reader.
One more alternative is to use one of numerous Chrome widgets, which I will test in future posts.

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  1. I can't find the "Your Kindle approved e-mail list" panel, I can't even find any "Personal Documents Settings", any idea about the reason why?