Thursday, April 21, 2011

Kindle for Android – how to get it?

No earlier than yesterday I’ve bought our family’s first Android mobile. Leaving out of focus how hot we’ve been struggling who’ll be its owner, the question I faced first is that Amazon doesn’t provide Kindle application outside from the US.

Knowing that Amazon keeps an eye on the fact that something is downloaded outside of the US using 3G, but not having even a bit of interest if it’s done through Wi-Fi or downloading to PC, I’ll try to get it somehow.

The most disappointing fact here is that I’m not interested acutely in downloading content directly on an Android phone (but who don’t want), but only in having a book from their store in twilight when regular Kindle device is forceless. Even so, for people who are not planning to consume AT&T’s traffic, the application is unavailable. Too sad.

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