Thursday, May 5, 2011

Why Some of Us Get More Done at Coffee Shops, Some Don't

As does the LifeHacker say, cafe is a place of creative power. At least, the reading spot. Because of or not I visit such places with the family, it's not the truth to me.
I can't remember a day I coped with a couple of pages in a cafe. The only thing I managed to do there is to listen to easy audiobooks on a lowered loudness to hear people, or, and more effective, to listen to audio dicitonaries. Owing to a small or medium size of its entries, it is the content I acquire most in noisy and disturbing environment.

Above all, the picture is appealing:
Not having seen namely it before, and for sure having seen many similar, we've bought in a RajaMarket the day before yesterday ten pieces set of plastics to paint capuccino leafs, animals and so on. Or to share it with the child of us, he likes painting on paper. :)

Oops, was I asked where I do read? having changed the car to public transpost, the year since gave me the opportunity to read much more than ever before.

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