Tuesday, August 16, 2011

A small Cloud Reader bug is reported

Today I reported the following (in the next post I'll describe the pleasant Cloud Reader that I discovered recently):
first of all, I would thank you the Amazon team for this amazing Cloud Reader.
What is the most demanded thing for technical people? To see code samples or technical details in paralel with the related work in process. And to make highlights (i.e., quotes) and to put them into code or into letters as a proof in a discussion. Along with the kindle.amazon.com -> Your Highlights, the cloud Reader is a promising feature.
But there I found a bug. I use highlights intensely. The book I'm working with for now is of thirteen thousand locations long and I have hishlights in various areas of the book. Of course, I don't read technical books from cover to cover, instead I read what I needed now leaving gaps in 'highlights space'.
Coming close to a bug, the bug is that I can see in the Cloud Reader only highlights before location 2195, whereas I have at least several highlights near 7775th location and in other locations.
Th highlights list simply ends up at 2195th.
My chrome is 13.0.782.112 m.

Thanks, Alexander

P.S. Another minor bug is the window where I'm writing this - its size is unchangeable.
P.P.S. Time ago I asked for the ability to open several books in parallel. Cloud Reader is the answer. Thanks again!"

Below the screenshots of what was described in the letter. The first figure displays the highlight in Kindle for PC 1.6:

The same book in Cloud Reader is deprived of highlights after location 2195:

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